Pensioners and children

On 29th of September 2001 volunteers of HOPE worldwide – Moscow arranged a special evening party
for the veterans and senior citizens of the 32nd district of Saint Petersburg. It was dedicated to the Day of
an Old Man, which is celebrated on the 1st of October. 40 veterans came and all of them signed a letter of
gratitude to the volunteers of the organization.

Also the project “Happy Birthday” has begun in 4 orphanages. Volunteers visit children, play games with
them, and arrange parties with dancing and fun contests. The child whose birthday it is receives a gift and
refreshments are provided to celebrate the special day with friends. Volunteers collected more than 300 gifts
for children from orphanages. The collections of gifts falls under yet another project called the “Angels
of Hope” which took place on 26th of September.

Furthermore the “Day of Surprises” project, which is dedicated to the Day of Knowledge, was held at the
House of Culture in Saint Petersburg on September 1st. Volunteers arranged contests and games for children
in the 1st to 4th classes from 15 different orphanages. Almost 300 children took part in the program.

HOPE worldwide – Saint Petersburg provided children with 250 sets of school supplies. Most
orphanages find it a great difficulty to find the resources to supply the children with adequate stationary
for each school year.