The first Sports Festival for children in Novosibirsk

“Hope” – the Sports Festival for orphans, is now held thousands kilometers
away from Moscow, namely in Siberia. On the 6th of September Sports Festival was held in Novosibirsk.
More than 800 kids from 16 Novosibirsk orphanages came to the “Spartak” sports arena. More than 350
volunteers took part in the festival and spent the whole day with the children. The weather was surprisingly
pleasant – the thermometers read 22 °C above zero. The competitions of the festival included street ball,
pioneer ball, relay races, dancing contests, sidewalk painting, and a Russian fairy-tales trivia contest.
On top of that there were numerous fair activities and sideshows for the children to enjoy. At the end
of the festival program a concert was organized with performances by two Novosibirsk music bands. All the
children and volunteers had lunch together and each team received a prize of sports equipment. Not only did
the representatives of the Novosibirsk Department of Education make a welcoming speech, but Brodskiy
Valeriy Arkadievich, deputy mayor and the head of education, sports, culture and youth policy departments
was the honored guest of the festival.

On the 21st of September the grand opening of the “Old friend’s home” program was held. It is a free
soup kitchen for lonely and poor senior citizens. Noskova Elena Aleksandrovna, deputy head of Kirovskiy
District Administration on Social Issues, attended the opening. The soup kitchen provides lunches for 45
people daily. There are plans to arrange entertainment for the visitors of the “Old friend’s home” to
promote social activity and friendship among senior citizens.

The “Happy Birthday” program continues to bring joy to orphans on their birthdays. In September 3
orphanages were visited and 62 kids were congratulated and presented with gifts.

Plans are being made to also arrange entertaining programs for 500 children in co-operation with the
Department of Education. The plans include different contests and competitions including the very popular
Russian trivia game, the “Field of wonders”.